. Diego received and spent money in the following ways last week.

For each example, write a positive or negative number to represent the change in money from his perspective.

i. He earned $30 dollars by cutting the neighbor’s lawn.

ii. He spent $14 going to the movies.

iii. He spent $3.55 on an ice cream cone.

b. What does 0 mean in this situation?

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  1. Answer:
    earned $30 means +30
    spent $14 means -14 (he used the money to buy something meaning he loses some money)
    spent $3.55 means -3.55 (again, he uses some money to buy something which means he loses this amount of money)
    In this situation 0 means he either didnt gain/earn money or he spent all his money.
    I hope this helps!
    Step-by-step explanation:


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