Determine whether the value is a parameter or statistic.

In a weight loss research study the sample of 50 women lost an average of 2.5 pounds.


  1. It determines statistic.
    Since the researcher is studying a sample of 50 women who have lost weight of  pounds so since it is a sample and of a definite size so it means it is a sample so they determines statistic.
    A statistic (singular) or sample statistic is any quantity calculated from values ​​in a sample that is considered for statistical purposes. Statistical purposes include estimating a population parameter, describing a sample, or evaluating a hypothesis. The mean (or average) of the sample values ​​is a statistic. The term statistic is used both for a function and for the value of the function on a given sample. When a statistic is used for a specific purpose, it may be labeled with a name indicating its purpose.
    When a statistic is used to estimate a population parameter, the statistic is called an estimator. A population parameter is any characteristic of the population under study, but when it is not possible to directly measure the value of the population parameter, statistical methods are used to derive the probable value of the parameter based on statistics calculated from the sample. drawn from the population. For example, the sample mean is an unbiased estimate of the population mean. This means that the expected value of the sample mean is equal to the true population mean
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