Desperate need for help I’ve solved this over and over.
Solve for x and simplify.
2² + 14 = 189
X = ±


  1. The sides are not equal 18=189
    According to question given that,
    simplify 2² + 14 = 189
    The sides are not equal
    To simplify simply is to make anything easier. Simplifying an equation, fraction, or issue in mathematics entails taking something complex and making it simpler. The issue is made simpler by calculations and problem-solving strategies.
    Fractions may be made simpler by removing any shared components from the numerator and denominator and placing the fraction in its simplest/lowest form.
    It is possible to simplify mathematical formulas by merging and grouping related terms. This makes it easy to understand and decipher the puzzle.
    Mathematical expressions are made up of a combination of the various operations and numbers. Thus, in order to simplify them, we must comprehend the principle known as the sequence of operations. It simplifies a mathematical statement and clarifies the right way to do the operations. We can remember the order better by using the acronym PEMDAS.
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