Den pushes a desk 400 cm across the floor. he exerts a force of 10 n for 8 s to move the desk. what is his power output? (power: p = w/t)


  1. The power output is  = 5W
    Correct option is B.

    What is Power ?

    Power is the quantity of energy that is transferred or transformed in a certain length of time. The unit of power is the watt, which in the International System of Units is equivalent to one joule per second.. Power may also be referred to as activity in earlier writings. The scalar property of power
    Power is characterized as the rate at which a thing performs labor.

    According to the given information:

    P = W/T ….. (1)
    Work is calculated as the product of force applied to an item and the distance that object has traveled.
    W = F.s
    When we plug this value into the equation above, we get:
    P = (F. s)/t
    power = P =?W
    F = 10N Force Exercised
    s = Displacement = 400cm = 4m  (1 meter = 100 centimeters).
    t = Time required = 8s
    Using the values in the equation above, we obtain
    P = (10 x 4)/8
    P = 5W
    Hence, the correct option is Option b.
    To know more about Power visit :
    I understand that the question you are looking for is :
    Den pushes a desk 400 cm across the floor. He exerts a force of 10 N for 8 s to move the desk.
    What is his power output? (Power: P = W/t)
    a. 1.25 W
    b. 5 W
    c. 40 W
    d.500 W


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