Create two scenarios that reflect either a markup or markdown in price. For each scenario, write two equations to solve for the new price.


  1. Answer: see below!!
    Step-by-step explanation:
    A store sold a cookie for $1, then markedup the price by 30%. What was the new price?
    Step 1
    Find 30% of 1= 0.30×1= 0.30
    Step 2: Add it to the original price
    1+0.30= $1.30
    New cost= $1.30
    Samantha is selling a house for 2,000,000 (2 million) dollars. After a few years, Ryan puts the price down by 42%. What is the markeddown price?
    42% of 2,000,000= 840,000
    2,000,000-840,000= 1,160,000
    The new price is $1,160,000.
    Hope this helps :)) And i know this got answered late but if i could get brainiliest id appreciate it 😀


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