Create an equation and solve.
A cell phone company charges $0.35 for the first minute but only $.10 every
minute after that. How many minutes did Eric talk if the bill for the call was $5.45?


  1. Answer:
    The equation is 0.1x + 0.25 = 5.45. The solution is 52 minutes.
    Step-by-step explanation:
    If the cell phone company charges 0.35 for the first minute and 0.1 for every minute after that, then we know the flat fee for the call is 0.25, and then we can make a linear equation to solve.
    This equation is 0.1x + 0.25 = 5.45.
    To solve, we subtract 0.25 from both sides to get 0.1x = 5.2.
    To isolate the x variable, we divide 0.1 from both sides, and we get:
    5.2/0.1 = 5.2*10 = 52.
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