Craig went bowling with $25 to spend. He rented shoes for $5.25 and paid $4.00 for each game. What was the greatest number of games Craig could have played?
write an inequality for this problem. then use ur inequality and solve algebraically and explain ur solution


  1. Answer: 4 games
    Step-by-step explanation: 25-5.25=19.75
    19.75 divided by 4 = 4.9375 (but let’s say its 4)
    Or you could use the subtraction way 19.75 – 4 and continue until you cant subtract it by 4 anymore
    The changes he be left with us $3.75

  2. Answer:
    Craig has
    $25−$5.25 for shoes. In other words, he has $19.75 Now when you divide this amount by $4.00, you will get numbers of games he played.
    or only 4 games.
    Step-by-step explanation:


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