Convert the radian measure to degrees. (round to the nearest hundredth when necessary): 7π3 a. 74.3 b. 210 c. 420 d. 0.743


  1. Correct option is C. Radian measure of 7π³ = 420 degrees

    What is Radian?

    Firstly, the radian is a unit for measuring the angles that we mainly use in the trigonometry. We use it instead of the degrees. Whereas a full sphere or a circle is of 360 degrees, a full sphere or a circle is just above six radians.
    The radian is most usually represents itself by the symbol rad. Its alternative symbol is C.
    • The full angle is 2 pie radians and therefore it is 360 degree.
    • A right angle is pie/2 radians.
    • A straight angle is pie radians.
    1 radian = (180π)°
    Step 1 : To convert radians to degrees, multiply the given radian by 180/pi
    7 pi/3 x 180/pi
    Step 2 : Cancel pi
    7/3 x 180
    = 420 degrees
    To learn more about radian measurement from the given link


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