Consider a steam power plant that operates between the pressure limits of 5 MPa and 10 kPa. Steam enters the pump as saturated liquid and leaves the turbine as saturated vapor. Determine the ratio of the work delivered by the turbine to the work consumed by the pump. Assume the entire cycle to be reversible and the heat losses from the pump and the turbine to be negligible


  1. Answer:


    The compression and expansion processes are adiabatic since there is no heat loss.

    And the processes are reversible, so these are isentropic processes

    Therefore, Now, we can understand by the value of {s_3} that is greater than the saturated entropy in {eq} {P_3} = 5MPa {/ eq}

    Therefore, the steam in this condition is overheated.

    The properties of saturated water at {eq} {P_3} = 5MPa {/ eq}

    And the enthalpy in this state can be given based on the values ​​known by the interpolation method


    The Rankine cycle consists of a condenser, pump, boiler, and turbine and is a type of steam power plant. The cycle of the steam power plant works on the basis of the Rankine cycle and the energy is generated as the steam expands in the turbine.

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