write each statement as a conditional

19. my hair will be shorter if i cut it.
20. a number that is divisible by 6 is divisible by 3.
21. movie tickets are half-price on tuesdays.


  1. The correct option is A.
    my hair will be shorter if i cut it

    What are conditional statement?

    When making predictions about what might occur, what might have occurred, or what we hope will occur, conditional tenses are utilized. In English, the word if appears in the majority of conditional phrases. When a verb is in one of the past tenses, conditional forms are frequently utilized in English sentences.

    According to the given statement:

    Take note that the statement that follows has already been stated as a conditional.
    we know that the hypothesis follows “if” and gives the condition, and the
    condition gives the outcome or result.
    my hair will be shorter if i cut it
    The fact that this conclusion is written before the hypothesis may cause some confusion.
    However, keep in mind that in normal speech, the  conclusion need not always follow the hypothesis.
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