Comparison of methods for the scoring and statistical analysis of SF-36 health profile and summary measures: summary of results from the Medical Outcomes Study


  1. summary of results from the Medical Outcomes Study

    What is mental component summary (MCS)?

    By reducing the number of statistical comparisons and, consequently, the influence of chance, physical component summary (PCS) and mental component summary (MCS) measurements enable the testing of health outcome hypotheses. Results from 16 tests involving patients (N = 1,440) who took part in the Medical Outcomes Study were analyzed in order to see how effective they were in comparison to a profile of eight scores. Age, diagnosis, disease severity, concomitant disorders, acute symptoms, self-reported changes in health, and recovery from clinical depression were all factors that were compared between groups that were known to differ at one point in time or change over time. By contrasting the statistical outcomes for each measure with those for the best scales in the same tests, the relative validity (RV) of each measure was calculated. variations
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