Clarissa is making punch for a party. She mixes 64 fluid ounces of orange juice, 64 fluid ounces of pineapple juice, and 36 fluid ounces of apple juice.

Let p represent the total amount of punch that Clarissa mixes.

Which equations could be used to find the value of p?

Select each correct answer.

A.64 + 64 + 36 = p

B.64 × 2 + 36 = p

C.64 × 64 × 36 = p




  1. Answer: A and B.
    Step-by-step explanation: The first option works because Clarissa is adding 64 fluid ounces of both orange and pineapple juice and 36 fluid ounces of apple juice which makes it an addition problem.  Option B works as well because it is similar to option A, only it shortens the problem by multiplying 64 twice, because 64 pops up twice.  Options C, D, and E don’t work because it doesn’t include taking away any juice or multiplying it in immense amounts, so that’s why those are wrong.
    Hope this helps! 🙂


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