ck Assignment – Unit 2A: ( Number of bagels is (Type an expression using b as the variable.) Question 6, 1.1.32 > HW Score: 21.43%, 3 of 14 points O Points: 0 of 1 Yolanda McClanahan € A bagel shop sells bagels by the score. The table at the right shows the number of bagels a shop gives per “score” ordered. Write an algebraic expression that gives the rule for finding the number of bagels in any number b of scores. Save Bagels Scores Number of Bagels 7 140 8 160 9 180 b​


  1. The proportional relationship that gives the rule for finding the number n of bagels in any number b of scores is:
    n = 0.05b.

    What is a proportional relationship?

    A proportional relationship is a function in which the output variable is given by the input variable multiplied by a constant of proportionality, that is:
    y = kx
    In which k is the constant of proportionality.
    For this problem, we want to number n of bagels in b scores, hence the format of the relation is:
    n = kb.
    The number is 1/20 of the scores, hence the constant is k = 1/20 = 0.05 and the equation is:
    n = 0.05b.
    More can be learned about proportional relationships at


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