Choose the quadrants on a coordinate plane which represent the location of an (x;y) pair satisfying the following equation: |x|+|y|=|x+y|


  1. Answer:
    On any quadrant you choose the points each will always be positive
    Step-by-step explanation:
    The absolute value of a negative number is positive  and the same goes for a positive number (the absolute value will always be positive) because it is how many numbers it is away from 0. For Example; the absolute value of -4 is +4 because it is 4 numbers away from 0. If |x|+|y| = |x+y| then an example would be |-4| + |3| = |-4+3| it would be 7 because the |-4| is 4 and the |3| is 3 giving you the sum of 7
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