Charlotte is visiting brazil and is looking at souvenirs to purchase. she finds a jersey that costs 110 brazilian real. if the current exchange rate is 1 dollar:5.43 brazilian real, how much does the jersey cost in u.s. dollars? $4.94 $20.26 $104.57 $597.30


  1. Using proportions, it is found that the cost of the jersey in dollars is of $20.26.

    What is a proportion?

    A proportion is a fraction of a total amount, and the measures are related using a rule of three. Due to this, relations between variables, either direct or inverse proportional, can be built to find the desired measures in the problem.
    Each dollar is worth 5.43 Brazilian real, hence the equivalent of 110 reais is given by:
    110/5.43 = $20.26.
    The cost of the jersey in dollars is of $20.26.
    More can be learned about proportions at


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