Can you help me please?

1. There are 3 tennis balls in each can. The coach bought a total of 27 tennis balls. Write and solve a multiplication equation to find how many cans the coach bought?
2. After dropping 5ºF, the temperature was 37ºF. Write a subtraction equation to show what the starting temperature was?
3. Troy sprinted down the hallway for a science project. He ran a total of 40 meters in 20 seconds. What was his average speed?


  1. Step-by-step explanation:
    1) let n be number of cans
    if 1 can has 3 tennis balls, then
    n cans will have 3n (n*3) tennis balls.
    thus, 3n= 27 (equation)
    2) let the initial temp. be y
    y – 5° F = 37 ° F
    3) average speed= total distance/ total time
    = 40 m / 20 s
    = 2 m/s
    let me know if there’s something you didn’t understand, thank you!


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