can someone solve: Layla wants to build a wooden box with a volume of 454545 cubic centimeters.

She started with a width of 3\text{ cm}3 cm3, start text, space, c, m, end text and a height of 3\text{ cm}3 cm3, start text, space, c, m, end text.

How long should Layla make the box? if someone could kindly do so, please put an answer AND comment by copying and pasting the answer! omg tysm


  1. Layla can make the box up to 5centimeter long.

    How to calculate volume of a box?

    • Rectangles have a volume that is equal to their length, breadth, and height. If your box is a cube or a rectangular prism, all you need to know is its size in terms of length, width, and height. Then, to calculate volume, multiply them all together.
           V = l x w x h
    • Measure the box’s length. If you look up at your box from the bottom, the top appears to be a flat rectangle with the longest side being the height. This number should be noted as “length.” 
    • If you measure one side in inches, you must measure them all in inches. Be sure to use the same measurement for each side.
    • Next to the length, gauge the box’s breadth. The box’s other edge, adjacent to the length, is its breadth. The breadth is the side that forms a “L” with the length when you look at one side of the box. This measurement should be noted as “width.” The side that is shorter is always the width.
    • The box’s height should be measured. The distance from the top of the box to the ground is the last side you haven’t measured. This measurement should be noted as “height.”
    • Add the three sides together and multiply. Remember that the formula for volume is V = length x width x height, therefore to calculate volume, simply multiply the three sides by one another. Include the measurement units you used as well, so you don’t misinterpret your results.
    • Units should be added to your volume. Volume is a measurement, but if you don’t know the system used to measure it, your result won’t signify anything. Your form of measurement cubed is the proper way to write out volume.
    Here it is given that,
    volume= 45cm³
    width= 3cm
    volume = width × height × length
    Hence, Layla can make the box up to 5centimeter long.
    To learn more about volume of a box refer to:


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