Caleb bought groceries and paid \$1.60$1.60dollar sign, 1, point, 60 in sales tax. The sales tax rate is 2.5\%2.5%


  1. The answer is Caleb bought groceries and paid $1.6 in Sale Tax
    Sale tax rate is 2.5%
    Price of Groceries before tax = $64
    Consider that Caleb spent $ G on food.
    2.5% sales tax applies.
    (2.5/100) is the sale tax. G = G/40 $
    Caleb paid $1.6 in sales tax.
    G/40 = 1.6
    => G = 1.6 * 40
    => G = $ 64
    Caleb spent $64 on groceries before taxes.
    What is sales tax?
    • A sales tax is a fee that is paid to the government when specified goods and services are sold.
    • Typically, laws permit the vendor to charge the customer the tax at the time of purchase.
    • Use taxes are typically used to describe taxes on goods and services that consumers pay directly to a governing authority.
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