Byron earned some money mowing the neighbor’s lawn. He spent one-fourth of his money to see a movie. Then he spent $6.00 on popcorn and drinks. When he went home, he had $24.00 left. How much did Byron earn mowing the neighbor’s lawn? Byron earned $ .00 mowing the neighbor’s lawn.


  1. Answer:


    Step-by-step explanation:

    Let y represent the amount of money that Byron earned mowing the neigbours’s lawn.

    Since he spent one fourth of his money to see a movie, it means that the amount spent to see a movie would be y/4

    Them he spent $6 on porpcon and drinks; which means that the total amount spent

    = y/4 + 6

    The amount left would be

    y – (y/4 + 6) = y – y/4 – 6

    When he went home, he had $24.00 left which means that;

    y – y/4 – 6 = 24

    y – y/4 = 24 + 6

    3y/4 = 30

    Cross multiply

    3y = 120

    y = $40

    Therefore, Byron earned $40 mowing the neighbour’s lawn.


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