Brittney has 2 and 3/4 yards of fabric. She wants to make wreaths that require 1/8 yards. What is the maximum number of wreaths she can make?


  1. Answer: 22

    Step-by-step explanation:


    Brittney has 2 and  \frac{3}{4} yards of fabric

    Converting it to a fraction

    \Rightarrow 2\ \dfrac{3}{4}=\dfrac{8+3}{4}\\\\\Rightarrow \dfrac{11}{4}

    Wreath require \frac{1}{8} yards

    Number of wreaths that can be made

    \Rightarrow n=\dfrac{\frac{11}{4}}{\frac{1}{8}}\\\\\Rightarrow n=\dfrac{11}{4}\times \dfrac{8}{1}\\\\\Rightarrow n=22

    She can make 22 wreaths

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