Brianna currently has $106.25 and she earns $24.50 every month from tutoring. Ashley currently has $215.75 and she is paying for a magazine subscription that costs $12 each month.

When will both Brianna and Ashley have the same amount of money?


  1. I got you
    Answer: Both Brianna and Ashley will have the same amount of money after 8 1/2 months
    Step-by-step explanation: If you do 106.25 + 24.50 and add 24.50 8 1/2 times you will get 208.25 and if you do 215.75 + 12 8 1/2 times

  2. No. Because Brianna and Ashley are both dealing with two different amount of money. Also it wouldn’t be the same amount because Ashley is receiving more than Brianna


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