brian plancha 2/9 de su camisa en 3/5 minutos. brian plancha a ritmo constanteA este ritmo, ¿qué porción de su camisa plancha cada minuto?


  1. Based on the fact that Brian irons 2/9 of the shirt every 3/5 minutes, the percentage of the shirt ironed each minute is 37%

    How much of the shirt is ironed in a minute?

    To find out the portion of the shirt that is ironed per minute, use direct proportion to cross multiply and solve for x:
    2/9 : 3/5
    x      : 1
    3/5x = 2/9
    Solving for x gives:
    = 2/9 ÷ 3/5
    = 0.37
    = 37%
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