Bob and Meena play a two-person game which is won by the first person to accumulate 10 points. At each turn Bob gains a point with probability of $\frac{1}{3}$ . If he doesn’t get a point, then Meena gets a point. Meena is now ahead 9 to 8. What is the probability that Meena will win


  1. the probability that Meena will win  = 8/9

    What is the probability?

    Mathematical explanations of the likelihood that an event will occur or that a statement is true are referred to as probabilities. A value between 0 and 1 represents the likelihood of an event, with 0 basically denoting impossibility and 1 generally indicating certainty.

    According to the given information:

    Meena must triumph in the subsequent turn or the one after it in order to win; else, she loses. The likelihood of that is determined by deducting the likelihood of the complimentary event, Bob winning in the following two turns, from one. The likelihood of Bob winning the following two turns may be calculated by taking the square of the probability of him winning on one turn because each turn is independent of the others; hence, it is
    = (1/3)^2
    = 1/9
    the probability that Meena will win = 1- 1/9
                                                               = 8/9
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