Boats from all along the Atlantic coast dock at a busy marina. Of the first boats to dock there one day, 10 of the boats were from South Carolina, while 10 were from other states. Considering this data, how many of the next 12 boats to dock should you expect to be from South Carolina?


  1. Answer:
    6 boats
    Step-by-step explanation:
    Consider this, there are 10 boats from South Carolina and 10 from other sates.
    So, lets make ratio with is 1/1 because for every 1 boat from other states, there is 1 boat for South Carolina.
    There are 12 boats, divide them evenly to get the answer of 6 boats from South Carolina. The reason for dividing by two was due to the fact that half for South Carolina and half from other states. Now there is your answer.


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