Ben, Rob, Kelly, Carla and Manu organised a pizza party for their business group, They ordered one vegetarian, one cheese, and one Nutella pizza. After the party, three-fourths of vegetarian pizza, five-eights of cheese pizza, and 11/12 of
Nutella pizza are remaining. Once all guests left, they decided to split the pizza equally among themselves, what
fraction of the whole pizza does each person get?


  1. Answer:
    11/24 ths each
    Step-by-step explanation:
    Add the portions left…then divide by the five of them
    3/4 + 5/8 + 11/12  = ?      must find common denominator (24) and convert
    (18 + 15+22) / 24 = 55/24  now divide by 5 (which is the same as mult by 1/5)
    55/24 * 1/5 = 55/120     now simplify to 11/24


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