At the start of the softball season, the p players on the Hammerin’ Homers softball team each ordered white uniforms. A white jersey cost $18 and a white hat cost $7. Later in the season, the players decided to switch to a blue uniform with a special logo instead. So, each player paid $20 for a blue jersey and $10 for a blue hat.
Pick all the expressions that represent the total cost of the team’s uniforms.


  1. Step-by-step explanation:
    the total costs include both uniforms
    so you can add it all together or do hats and jerseys separately
    18j + 20j for jerseys per player and
    7h + 10h for hats per player
    so you have 38j + 17h = total cost
    or combine then and get
    55u (uniform per player) to gett the total cost


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