At the school bake sale, you and your friend Stacey are both
selling brownies. You sell 8x number of brownies and Stacey
sells a number of brownies. What information can we gather
about the relationship between how many brownies you sold
and how many Stacey sold?
You sold
times more brownies than Stacey.
If you sold 40 brownies, how many did Stacey sell?


  1. You and your buddy Stacey are both selling brownies at the school bake sale. You sell 8 times as many brownies as Stacey does, and vice versa. If you sold 40 brownies, 5 did Stacey sell.
    To solve the word problems like this,
    Check out the word problem. Verify that you comprehend all the terms and concepts.
    Determine your search criteria.
    What are you looking for? Calculate the translation.
    Calculate the answer using sound algebraic principles.
    Verify the solution in the issue.
    Specify your response in a complete sentence.
    Solving the question,
    Total number of brownies = 8x
    Number of brownies sold by Stacey = x
    The number of times you sell the brownies than Stacey = 8x/x=8 times
    If 40 brownies are sold then Stacey sell is 40/8=5
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