At michael’s school, 38% of the students have a pet dog and 24% of the students have a pet cat. michael found that 11% of the students had both a pet dog and a pet cat. what is the probability that a randomly chosen student at michael’s school will have a pet dog or a pet cat?


  1. Answer:
    0.51 or 51%.
    Step-by-step explanation:
    If there were 100 students in the school, then  38 have a dog 24 a cat and 11 have both.
    So there are 38 – 11 = 27 who only have a dog and 24-11 = 13 who only have a cat.
    So total number having a pet = 27+11+13
    = 51 students.
    So Prob(You will choose a student with a pet) = 51%.
    Drawing a Venn diagram would help to answer this and make it  clearer.


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