At first the children were ——-, but as the morning
progressed they began to laugh and talk eagerly.
(A) ostentatious (B) myopic (C) solicitous
(D) puerile (E) reticent


  1. The kids were reticent at first, but as the morning went on, they became eager to laugh and talk.
    E is the right answer.

    Defining reticence:

    1: prone to silence or lack of communication in speech: reserved. The room has a reticent dignity about it, according to A. N. Whitehead. 2: restrained used  expression, presentation, or appearance

    A single text is defined as:

    A single-text negotiating strategy, a form of mediation, unites the frequently conflicting interests of the parties to a conflict in a single document.

    A paragraph is what exactly?

    1. A sentence or paragraph that expresses the main idea in just one short sentence.
    2. A paragraph that contains a single protracted sentence that could be broken up into three, four, or five separate sentences.
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