Ashley has two equations that she found to be valuable models for her research. She thinks that if she can find the intersection of the two graphs, she will be able to identify a key point to her studies. At what point do these equations intersect?
4y –x = 9
y = 2x − 3






  1. The equations intersect at the point (3 ,3 ).

    Linear Function

    An equation can be represented by a linear function. The standard form for the linear equation is: ax+b , for example, y=2x+7. Where:
    a= the slope
    b=constant term that represents the y-intercept.

    System of Linear Equations

    System of linear equations is the given term math for two or more equations with the same variables. The solution of these equations represents the point at which the lines intersect.
    The question gives:
    4y –x = 9 (1)
    y = 2x − 3 (2)
    You should replace the variable y of equation 1 to equation 2. Then, you will have:
    If x=3, from equation 2 you can find the value of y. Thus, y=2*3-3=6-3=3
    Read more about the system linear equations here:


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