Annette is surveying people in the city about their interest in a new shopping mall. She found that 180 people, or 37.5% of those surveyed, do not want a new mall. How many people did Annette survey?


  1. We want to find the total number of people that Annette surveyed given that we know a percentage and the number that the percentage represents.
    We will find that the number of people that Annette survey is 480.
    To get the solution:
    Let’s assume that she surveyed a total of X people.
    Then we can write the equivalence:
    100% = X
    We know that the 37.5% is equivalent to 180 people, then we can write:
    37.5% = 180
    The two equations are:
    100% = X
    37.5% = 180
    Now we can take the quotient between these two equations to get:
    (100%/37.5%) = X/180
    Solving for X we get:
    (100%/37.5%)*180 = X = 480
    So the total number of people surveyed is 480.


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