An Uber driver charges $1.75 plus a fee
of $0.85 for each mile traveled. The total cost of a ride, without a tip, is $8.75. Write
an equation if you wanted to find the value of m,the number of miles traveled.


  1. The number miles travelled is  8.2352 miles
    What is a number ?
    An item in mathematics used for measurement, labeling, and counting is a number. The prime numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and so forth are the original examples. Number words can be used to represent numbers in language.
    The arithmetic value of a number is one that is used to denote amount. As a result, a number is a mathematical concept used for counting, measuring, and labeling. As a result, mathematics is based on numbers.
    An arithmetic value known as a number is used to represent a quantity and do calculations. Numbers are represented by written symbols, such as “3,” which are referred to as numerals. A number system is a method of writing that uses logically ordered digits or symbols to represent numbers.
    The equation is
    8.75 = 1.75 + 0.85m
    m = The number of miles
    Solving the equation
    8.75 – 1.75 = 0.85 m
    m = 7 / 0.85
       = 8.2352 miles
    To learn more about a number from the given link  


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