An ice cream store sells 2 drinks, in 4 sizes, and 5 flavors. In how many ways can a customer order a drink?


  1. The ways in which a customer can order a drink is 40.

    What is combination?

    A combination is a mathematical method that determines the number of potential arrangements in a set of objects in which the order of the selection is irrelevant.
    You can choose the components in any order in combinations. Permutations and combinations are often mistaken.
    Now, according to the question;
    There are 2 types of drinks available,
    The size of drinks are available in 4 ways.
    The number of flavours available are 5.
    Thus, the number of ways for selecting the drink are-
    Number of ways = Number of drinks ×  Sizes of drinks × Drinks Flavours
    Substitute the given values;
    Number of ways = 2× 4×5
    Number of ways = 40 ways.
    Therefore, the number of ways a customer order a drink is 40 ways.
    To know more about the combination, here


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