An elevator in a tall building starts at a floor of the building that is 90 meters above the ground. The elevator descends 2 meters every 0.5 second for 6 seconds. (Use an inequality for the domain and range of the function that models this situation.​


  1. The height of the elevator would be modeled as H = -4t + 90.
    The domain of the function is 0≤t≤6, while the range of the function is 66≤H ≤90

    How to solve for the function

    In a total of 6 months, the elevator would have to descend for about 4 meters. 6 x 4 = 24meters.
    hence we would have 90 – 24 = 66m
    Hence the elevator would descend at 66 meters.
    This gotten from the formula H = -4t + 60 = 66m
    Read more on height here:


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