An average adult giraffe is 18 feet tall. A newborn giraffe is about 6 feet tall/ Kayla is building a model of a mother giraffe and her newborn. She wants the model to be no more than 17 inches high.


  1. Answer:
    Mother = 17 inches and then Newborn = 5 (2/3) or 5.66666666667 inches
    Step-by-step explanation:
    I was sort of guessing based on your question what you were looking for. How I solved this is we know that since the average adult giraffe is 18 feet tall and the average newborn giraffe is 6 feet tall, then the adult giraffe is about 3 times as tall as the average newborn giraffe so the ratio is 3:1 adult: newborn. So with the mother at 17 inches, then since the newborn giraffe is, on average, 3 times smaller than the mother, it is therefore 17/3 = 5.666667 or 5 and 2/3s.


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