An artist enlarged a drawing she made. The original is 3 cm wide and 5 cm tall. The artist set the copier zoom button to 120%. What is the longer dimension of the new drawing?
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  1. Answer:
    the answer is 6 cm
    Step-by-step explanation:
    Here’s one way you can solve this problem.
    A zoom setting of one hundred twenty percent means that the dimensions of the new copy will be one hundred twenty percent of the dimensions of the original drawing.
    First, write the scale that expresses the ratio of the original percent to the copy percent, one hundred to one hundred twenty.
    Then, let h represent the height of the copy and write the ratio of copy to original as five centimeters to h centimeters.
    Next, write a proportion that equates the two ratios. One hundred to one hundred twenty equals five to h.
    Then, cross multiply the terms of the proportion. One hundred twenty times five equals one hundred h.
    Next, multiply to get six hundred equals one hundred h.
    Finally, divide both sides by one hundred to find h. h equals six.
    So, the longer dimension of the new drawing is six centimeters, which is one hundred twenty percent of five centimeters.
    hope it helps
    Step-by-step explanation:


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