An airplane is preparing to land at an airport. It is 50400 feet above the ground and is descending at the rate of 3000 feet per minute. At the same​ airport, another airplane is taking off and will ascend at the rate of 2600 feet per minute. When will the two airplanes be at the same altitude and what will that altitude​ be? Use pencil and paper. Use two other methods to solve the problem. Explain which methods are easier to use and which are more difficult to use for the situation.


  1. Answer:
    let t = no of minutes when they are at the same altitude
    52200 – 3300t = 2500t
    52200 = 3300t + 2500t
    52200 = 5800t
    t = 52200/5800
    t = 9 minutes they will be at the same altitude
    The altitude:
    9*2500 = 22500 ft
    Check on other train
    52200 – 9(3300) =
    52200 – 29700 = 22500 ft


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