Aisha wants to paint the four walls of her living room.
Each wall is 2.4 m high and 5.2 m long.
One wall has a door of 2 m by 0.8 m.
Tins of paint cost £12 per 2 litre tin.
Each litre of paint can cover 12 m2 of wall.
There is an offer of: Buy 2 tins get the 3rd at half price.
How much will Aisha pay to paint her living room?


  1. The total amount Aisha would pay to paint her room is $54.

    What is the cost of painting the rooms?

    The first step is to determine the area of the walls. The walls have the shape of a rectangle. Thus, the formula for the area of a rectangle would be used to determine the area of the wall.
    Area of the three walls without a door : 3 x (length x width)
    3 x (2.4 x 5.2) = 37.44 m²
    Area of the fourth wall with a door : area of the wall – area of the door
    (2.4 x 5.2) – (2 x 0.8) = 10.88m²
    Total area of the walls : area of the three walls + area of the wall with the door
    10.88m² + 37.44 m² = 48.32 m²
    The next step is to determine the number of tins that would be needed:
    48.32 /12 = 4.03
    5 tins would needed
    Cost of the 5 tins: (4 x 12) + (0.5 x 12) = $54
    To learn more about how to calculate the area of a rectangle, please check:


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