Aeris reads the temperature of a liquid in a lab experiment. The temperature of the liquid is 7.2ºF. After 5 hours, she reads the temperature of the liquid again. The temperature of the liquid is now −1.6°F.
Aeris plots the points on a number line to determine the temperature change between these two readings.

How much did the temperature decrease?

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  1. Answer: 8.8 (-8.8’F)
    Step-by-step explanation:
    What we know:
    Temperature started as 7.2
    Temperature ended as -1.6
    We need to find the difference
    How to solve:
    By doing simple subtraction, we can solve this.
    Write equation                                                   7.2 – (-1.6) = ?
    Simplify                                                               7.2 + 1.6 = ?
    Solve                                                                                 = 8.8
    Solution:  {8.8 (-8.8’F)}
    The temperature decreased by 8.8’F, but it increased/changed by -8.8’F.


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