Activity 1. Part A. Lat There Be Light
Today, you will do the light and shadow walk! But don’t forget stay inside your
house or just valk around your garden, while doing this activity to stay sale. How does
light travel? Now, if you will say that light travels in a straight line, then try doing this
one in a dark room. Ask some members of your family to join you as you leam new
things they might be interested to learn new things as well
. Ask one member to hold
an index card or a cardboard while another lights using a flashlight at the card. Have
another member hold a pencil so that it casts a shadow on the card. Ask the member
holding the pencil to slowly move it to the left or right, and challenge the member with
the index card to keep the shadow of the pencil on the card without moving anything
but the card. As the member with the pencil moves around the room observe what
the member with the card has to do as the shadow “keeper” Don’t forget to record
your observations on your science joumal
Guide Questions
Part A
1) Where do you see your shadow?
2) Does your shadow change? If yes. under whal circumstances?
3) is there always a need to have something to block the light in order to forma
4) How does light move based on your observation?​


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