accord and a track have the same speed of 30 metre per second if their masses are in the ratio of 1 is to 3 find the ratio of the Kinetic energies ​


  1. Answer:

    The ratio of kinetic energy of accord to the truck is 1 : 3.  


    Speed, v = 30 m/s

    Ratio of mass of accord to truck = 1 : 3

    The kinetic energy is given by

    K = 0.5 mv^2

    As the speed is same so the ratio of the kinetic energies is same as the ratio of masses.

    \frac{K_{accord}}{K_{Trcuk}} =\frac{m_{accord}}{m_{Trcuk}}\\\\\frac{K_{accord}}{K_{Trcuk}} = \frac{1}{3}

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