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About is born from encounters and discussions between individuals for whom observing the world, trying to understand it, and sharing the fruit of their reflections is as much a passion as a profession.

Documenting the societies, recording them in sounds and images, filming history in the making, allowing us to turn back and think about it, to act and get involved in today’s and tomorrow realities is, in our sense, essential.

At a time in our history where the mass-medias are under increasing pressures from political and economical interests, where information and opinions are, at best, toned down, and at worst manipulated by the dominant groups, we have the conviction that a just world can only emerge from a diversified way of observing it.

Realities are complex and we don’t work at the promotion of a monolithic Truth, but for the tolerance and a diversity of angles of view, because only from this diversity will the real intelligence of our world emerge, therefore this site intended to be a place of meeting and exchange as well as a source of reflection.

Technical equipment for audiovisual productions has never been so available, and the means of broadcasting so subjugated to the rules of “rate audience”. In a lot of countries the documentary film is still struggling to find its place in the flux of programs of the major television channels, which also remain the principal means of diffusion for the documentary genre.

The declared objective of these channels, public or private, is to maximize their “rate audience”. However, a documentary film is rarely made for the largest common denominator audience, indiscernible and vague, but is aiming at a public curious and hungry for precise, complex and sometime difficult problems and issues.

This public exists and is numerous.

If we make a comparison with reading, we would find ourselves in a situation where readers would have essentially access to magazines and newspapers, few best sellers and only 3% of books as printed matter; books that would be available only once or twice, on a very precise area and for a very limited time. With regard to documentary films, we still don’t have a “library” nor “bookshop”; hence we have no permanent access to the vast quantity of existing films. Documentary films are neither ephemeral nor perishable, only the state of the audiovisual market gives them this appearance. has the objective of making permanently available to all audiences the largest possible number of audiovisual documents, about current affairs, the history and geography of our world. is a permanent source of information free from any powers, political or financial, and free from any constraints of time, territory or audience.

Our role is to put in direct and permanent contact the producers of information and the people who are receiving and using it. Our revenues come essentially and directly from our end-users. Our freedom will depend upon them, on their curiosity and commitment. Our pertinence will depend on the authors and producers who will choose to confide in us with their work. Between the filmmakers and spectators we hope to create a new space of freedom and contact, open a multitude of windows to apprehend all the real complexities of a planet, whose dangers and diversity also make its beauty.

Documentary films are elaborated by individuals with adventurous inclinations, who would spend months, sometimes years, on the field and in production to bring you stories that would not only be accurate but would make you share human faith and destinies with their loads of emotions, colors and dramas; real lives, like yours, so close and distant in the same time. Because they usually treat issues in depth and voice openly opinions, independent documentary films became today’s one of the most reliable sources of informations and reflections. is a free association of filmmakers brought together by the common desire of sharing the best of their work. From geopolitics to anthropology, from art to economy, from music to history, some 60 windows have already been open on more than 30 countries. Curiosity might push you to have a look.