A wave has a speed of 30 m/s, a frequency of 6 Hz, and a wavelength of 5 m. If the wavelength remains constant, and the frequency is doubled, what is the new speed of the wave?


  1. Answer: 60m/s


    The wavespeed is the distance covered by the wave in one second. It is measured in metre per second, and represented by the symbol V

    Wavespeed (V) = Frequency F x wavelength λ

    i.e V = F λ

    In the first case:

    Wavespeed = 30 m/s

    Frequency of sound = 6Hz

    Wavelength = 5m

    In the second case:

    Wavespeed = ?

    Frequency of sound = (2x 6Hz = 12Hz)

    Wavelength = 5m (remains constant)

    Apply V = F λ

    Wavespeed = 12 Hz x 5m

    Wavespeed = 60m/s

    Therefore, when frequency is doubled, the speed is also doubled. Thus, the new speed of the wave is 60m/s

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