A water-skier is being pulled by a tow rope attached to a boat. As the driver pushes the throttle forward, the skier accelerates. A 76.2-kg water-skier has an initial speed of 5.0 m/s. Later, the speed increases to 10.4 m/s. Determine the work done by the net external force acting on the skier.


  1. Answer:

    Work done will be equal to 3186.396 J


    We have mass m = 76.2 kg

    Initial velocity u = 5 m/sec

    Final velocity v = 10.4 m/sec

    We have to find the work done

    From work energy theorem work done is equal to change in kinetic energy


    w=\frac{1}{2}\times 76.2\times 10.4^2-\frac{1}{2}\times 76.2\times 5^2

    w = 3168.396 J

    So work done will be equal to 3186.396 J

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