A tutor charges $40 per hour. in one week, the tutor spends 5 and a half hours tutoring one student and 10 hours tutoring another student. determine the total amount the tutor earned that week.


  1. The total amount the tutor earned that week is $620.

    What is unitary method?

    The unitary technique determines the value of the a unit and subsequently the value of a necessary number of units.
    Assume you visit the market to buy six apples. The shopkeeper informs you that he’s offering ten apples for Rs one hundred. The apples are indeed the units in this scenario, and also the cost of a fruit is the value. It is critical to know the units & values while utilizing the unitary technique to solve an issue.
    Now, according to the question-
    The amount earned from student first by teaching 5 and half hours in a week is;
    Similarly, the amount earned from student second by teaching 10 hours in a week is;
    Thus, the total amount earned by the tutor is;
    Therefore, the total amount the tutor earned that week is $620.
    To know more about unitary method, here


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