A truck driver drove 150 miles in 3 hours. At that rate, how long will it take the drive to travel 500 miles?

I’m bad at math and confused. Help?


  1. Answer:   10 hours

    We’ll use the values in the first sentence to find the rate or speed.
    distance = rate*time
    rate = distance/time
    rate = (150 miles)/(3 hours)
    rate = 50 miles per hour
    Now we can determine the time needed to travel 500 miles
    distance = rate*time
    time = distance/rate
    time = (500 miles)/(50 mph)
    time = 10 hours

  2. Answer: 10 hours
    Step-by-step explanation:
        We can set up a proportion to solve. Let x be equal to the number of hours it takes to drive 500 miles.
    \displaystyle \frac{150\;miles}{3\;hours} =\frac{500\;miles}{x\;hours}
        Now, we will cross-multiply.
    150 * x = 500 * 3
    150x = 1,500
        Lastly, we will divide both sides of the equation by 150 to isolate the variable
    x = 10 hours
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