a train travels at a speed of 90 miles per far will it have traveled in 3 hours?

A.150 mi.

B.190 mi.

C.270 mi.


(question 2)

alfred drove 114 miles in 3 hours.if alfred drove at a constant rate,how fast did he drive in miles per hour?

A.24 mi./hr.

B.28 mi./hr.

C.30 mi./hr.

D.38 mi./hr.


  1. Answer: Question 1 is C. Question 2 is D.
    Step-by-step explanation:
    Question 1: If a train travels 90 miles PER hour and it travels for 3 hours, we would have to multiply. 90 times 3 is 270.

    Question 2: It tells us that he already traveled for 3 hours and the total he traveled is 114. 114 divided by 3 is 38.


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