A system is composed of two components connected in series whose availabilities are 0.8555 and 0.9435, respectively. what is the system availability?


  1. Based on the calculations, the system availability is equal to 80.72%.

    What is availability?

    An availability of a hardware or software module can be defined as a measure of the percentage of time when a computer (information) system is operational.

    How to calculate system availability?

    System availability can be calculated by modeling a computer (information) system as an interconnection of parts in series and parallel, based on two main rules.
    For a system that is connected in series, its availability can be calculated by using this formula:
    A = A₁A₂
    Substituting the given parameters into the formula, we have;
    A = 0.8555 × 0.9435
    A = 0.8072
    A = 80.72%.
    Read more on system availability here:


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