A survey found that women’s heights are normally distributed with mean 62.3 in. and standard deviation 2.3 in. The survey also found that men’s heights are normally distributed with a mean 67.6 in. and standard deviation 2.9. Complete parts a through c below. a. Most of the live characters at an amusement park have height requirements with a minimum of 4 ft 9 in. and a maximum of 6 ft 4 in. Find the percentage of women meeting the height requirement The percentage of women who meet the height requirement is %. (Round to two decimal places as needed.)​


  1. Answer:


    Step-by-step explanation:

    we’re looking for

    4 ft 9 <x<6 ft 4

    Let’s convert this into inches

    4 ft 9 = 57 in

    6 ft 4= 76

    so we’re looking for


    which is equal to


    let’s start by p(76)

    (76-62.3)/2.3= 5.946521 which on a ztable is equal to 1


    (57-62.3)/2.3= -2.3

    which is equal to 1-.9893= .0107


    1-.0107= .9893 = 98.93%

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