A stuntman is being pulled along a rough road at a constant velocity by a cable attached to a moving truck. The cable is parallel to the ground. The mass of the stuntman is 112 kg, and the coefficient of kinetic friction between the road and him is 0.876. Find the tension in the cable.


  1. Answer:

    T = 1633N


    The weight of the man is given by m×g =112×9.8= 1097.6N

    Coefficient of Kinetic Friction = frictional force / Normal reaction ( Weight of object)

    The coefficient of Kinetic Friction= Tan A

    Where A is the angle of inclination

    The angle of inclination is Tan^-1{0.876} = 41.21°

    By identity sin A = Opposite( weight)/ hypothenus ( Tension)

    Hence the tension is T = 1097.6/sin 41.21 =

    T = 1633N

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